Kansas City was born on the banks of the Missouri River, but as years have passed, our connection to the longest river in North America has diminished. Port KC is doing its part to revitalize our relationship to the river through a series of projects.

Berkley Riverfront Park

Richard Berkley Riverfront Park was dedicated in October 1998, and opened to the public in March 1999. The 17-acre park is located on the south bank of the Missouri River between the Kit Bond Bridge and Heart of America Bridge. You can find more information about Berkley Riverfront Park at

berkley_riverfront_parkOnce a landfill for construction debris and the former site of a sand and gravel company, the park area now consists of more than 300 trees, a small natural amphitheater and a nearly one-mile long esplanade with period lighting.

The park hosts events such as RiverFest, Kansas City’s annual Independence Day Celebration. Berkley Riverfront Park is a vibrant connection between Kansas City and its most significant natural asset: the Missouri River.

The park is located at E. Front Street and Riverfront Road in Kansas City, Missouri.

The site is adjacent to approximately 100 acres of developable land controlled by Port KC. Future tenants will have easy access to the beautiful park with sweeping views of the downtown Kansas City skyline, the iconic Kit Bond Bridge and the Missouri River.

Park Events

Located on the banks of the Missouri River and offering great views of the downtown Kansas City skyline and iconic Kit Bond Bridge, Richard Berkley Riverfront Park is a popular location for a wide variety of events – large and small, public and private.

Interested in holding an event at Berkly Riverfront Park? You can find more information about park events here.  Here are answers to some common questions about planning events at the park. For additional inquiries or to start the event planning process, please contact Marissa Cleaver Wamble, Vice President of Corporate Communications, or call  (816) 559-3733.